Q&A: Hanes Shares Fresh Take on Apparel

HanesBrand, parent company of Hanes Branded Printwear (asi/59528), recently launched a new apparel technology called FreshIQ. We spoke with Jamie Wallis, a senior manager on the Hanes brand team, to find out more about the technology.

Q: What exactly is FreshIQ technology and how does it work?

Jamie Wallis: FreshIQ attacks odor-causing bacteria in clothing that causes underwear and socks to smell. It is an antimicrobial finish that physically inhibits bacteria growth.

Q: Is this something consumers have been clamoring for?

JW: Hanes has found that it this is one of the top issues in the minds of consumers. Consumers today want more and expect more from their apparel, and garments with “plus-one” features continue to fuel the market. Whether it is wicking and cooling or odor control, consumers often look for added performance benefits. They want apparel that they can wear with confidence throughout the day. 

Q: Who is the target market for this technology?

JW: This initial product launch focuses on men’s everyday underwear, but we know the technology is appealing to consumers across the board.  

Q: What type of products do you offer with FreshIQ, and how do you expect to grow those offerings in the future?

JW: We launched Hanes with FreshIQ at retail this fall in men’s everyday underwear and socks. As part of the company’s “Innovate to Elevate” strategy – similar to the Tagless T-shirt and X-Temp technology – FreshIQ is part of our mission to provide apparel with superior comfort. We’ll look to expand the technology across our basics line. It certainly provides a competitive advantage as customers look for innovation, comfort and value.

Q: Are FreshIQ blank products available for screen printers and other apparel decorators?

JW: Hanes will launch Hanes with FreshIQ outerwear tees and sport shirts in January. The Hanes X-Temp Triblend with FreshIQ is a 60/30/10 poly/cotton/rayon blend that brings together fashion and performance. It combines the soft, heathered look of a triblend with cooling, wicking X-Temp technology and the odor control of FreshIQ, merging lifestyle and active.   

In addition, the Hanes X-Temp Pique Sport Shirt with FreshIQ, also launching in January, will provide added comfort and confidence to all-day workwear.