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Interactive Alex Ovechkin Bobblehead Has Staying Power

Washington Capitals winger Alex Ovechkin is quite a hockey player. Not only has "Ovi" amassed nearly 1,000 NHL points in just over 11 seasons, but he's internationally recognized as one of the game's most talented and popular players. So admired is the Russian-born Ovechkin that his likeness is frequently etched on bobbleheads and given away as part of Washington Capital promotions, with this season being no exception.

However, this year’s bobblehead is a little different.

Included in this bobblehead statue giveaway – part of a promotion that encourages multi-game ticket purchases – is a clever Ovi “Career Points” counter at the base that can be manually updated each time a point is scored. So as the winger draws nearer to the vaunted 1,000-point club, fans can tick off the points in real-time!

What makes this small, but not insignificant, feature brilliant is that it transforms a traditional bobblehead from a somewhat boring collectible item, usually stored in dark closets and display cases, to an interactive one that commands attention. People are going to want to display this item prominently in their home theaters, man (and woman) caves, desks and offices.

And as Ovi continues to score points well past 1,000 – he’s still in his prime at 31 and could play another 10 years – this item will prove to have far more staying power and promotional impact than any traditional bobblehead ever could.