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I Earned My BASI: Jessica Ibsen

Jessica Ibsen, BASI, promotional consultant at Stackable Sensations (asi/332999), talks about how learning about company stores helped build her business.

What I Learned…
I took a course on company stores with Bobby Lehew, president of Robyn Promotions (asi/309656), at ASI Show in Chicago several years ago. It was my first real experience learning about company stores and he was very knowledgeable. It wasn’t long after that I started building my first company store. The knowledge I took away from that class really opened up an entirely new facet of business for our company and set our foot firmly in the digital world as a provider of promotional goods and branded apparel.

How I Took Action…
One of the basics covered in the course was coming up with a store plan with the client. That includes whether or not we inventory, how fulfillment is done and how quickly orders are fulfilled, as well as corporate programs such as reward stores and best practices in tackling the order management and fulfillment, which was very new for our business.

My Business ROI…
Since growing our company store knowledge and experience, we have gained profit from existing clients that chose to create a company store, as well as new clients who were looking for a store, which we could now provide them. It’s also given us the ability to market outside our local areas as an innovative online provider of promotional merchandise.

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