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Podcast: Decorated-Apparel Industry Poised for Great 2016

Equipment distributor Hirsch International (asi/14982) is dedicated to helping clients' succeed, according to CEO Paul Gallagher. That’s why the company has invested heavily in customer service, education and innovation, particularly through its Huntersville, NC, Solution Studio, where experts test the limits of embroidery, screen printing and other techniques and help clients solve their most pressing decoration dilemmas. That focus on the customer and furthering the decorated-apparel industry pushed Hirsch International into the top spot on this year’s Stitches Power 75 list.

We spoke with Gallagher about his rosy outlook for 2016 and beyond. “We’re kind of a barometer for the industry,” Gallagher said, adding that it’s an exciting time both for Hirsch and the decorated-apparel world. Hear more of his insights in our podcast, and stay tuned for the December issue of Stitches, where we reveal the other 74 members of this year’s Power 75.