Quick Tips for Cultivating Lasting Relationships

Keep these four suggestions in mind to forge stronger connections with clients so they won’t go anywhere else.

1. Be Prepared for Give and Take
“We both have to bend a bit,” says Jeannie Fogle of Florida Hospital System. “No relationship can be one-sided. You have to cultivate it and respect it.”

2. Hire Committed Reps
Reede Copeland of Sugarlands Distilling Company credits the people that Threds (asi/344356) employs. “They’re extremely responsive,” he says. “They’re the most poised to grow with us out of all the companies we’ve worked with, and it’s due to the people they have working for them.”

3. Own Up To Errors
“If there’s a mistake, be up front and honest about it, let them know you goofed and you’re sorry,” says Don Blose, independent sales rep. “Offer to cut the price a bit and let them know how you’re going to solve the problem.”

4. Always Have The Client in Mind
Alyissa Gallagher of PBS39-WLVT, who buys from Blose, doesn’t consider buying from anyone else. “Don always comes in with good prices, and I don’t even check with anyone else. He’s a friend at this point,” she says. “He always has ideas and products. He’ll send pictures and asks if it’s what I had in mind. He’s not a typical salesman, and he doesn’t send thousands of emails. I just call him with my need and he’s on it. He’s not pushy. He gets it.”