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Pepsi Has A New Promo Products-Fueled Rewards Program

Once upon a time, Pepsi was the choice of a new generation.

Now, the soft drink brand is eager to leverage both its historical partnerships with music icons and current crooner stars to position itself as the choice of every generation in a new marketing campaign that’s propelled, in part, by a loyalty program that rewards Pepsi-drinking participants with branded merchandise.

This year’s Pepsi Generations campaign celebrates the brand’s connections with stars like Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and Britney Spears with limited edition music icon cans, exclusive music events, and the seasonal release of logoed swag – dubbed Pepsi Stuff.

As for the summer spin on the campaign, Pepsi this month announced a partnership with country singer Dierks Bentley. It debuted a summer-themed ad in which Bentley helps hype the seasonal collection of branded merchandise, which consumers can get by drinking Pepsi and then logging in points for doing so at the Pepsi Stuff website.

The rewards program includes the chance to win tickets to a Spears or Bentley concert and, of course, the aforementioned swag. Warm season promotional products Pepsi is offering include a river raft float, a floating beverage cooler, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a trucker hat, (pretty sweet) T-Shirts with vintage-inspired graphics, a round towel, a patriotic-themed acoustic guitar for strumming around the campfire, and much more, including a foosball table.

By signing up at Pepsi Stuff and earning 100 Pepsi points, participants can get this floating cooler.

Participants will need 400 Pepsi points to take home this guitar.

This tee is one of the cool retro-inspired shirts in the Pepsi Stuff collection.

Apparently, there are folks out there keen to snap-up the Pepsi merch.

Who knows, maybe one day, the Pepsi Stuff swag on offer this summer will be nostalgic collectors’ items, like these Christmas caroling Pepsi dolls from days gone by.

Ultimately, the Pepsi Stuff rewards program is another great example of the manner in which promotional products can be used to effectively engage audiences and convey something essential about the image of a brand, thereby helping to spur sales of core offerings.