Noteworthy Multifunction Pens

If the pen is truly mightier than the sword, imagine the power a multipurpose pen wields. With the added functionality of a stylus, highlighter or light, prospects will enjoy two promos for the price of one.

Evans Manufacturing (asi/52840)

The billboard on this pen (7494) lights up and is sure to attract attention to the logo branded on it;

Beacon Promotions Inc. (asi/39250)

Ideal for students, this combo highlighter and ballpoint pen (H5811) allows them to take notes and highlight textbooks with a simple flip;

iClick, Inc. (asi/62124)

In addition to being a tad addictive, the thumb action on the spinning top of this ergonomic and easy-to-use pen (Spinnit Pen) keeps the user focused and productive;

BIC Graphic (asi/40480)

This eye-catching pen (55854) features a twist-action mechanism and a stylus. But the real show-stopping feature is the bright LED light that shines through the imprint;

Gold Bond (asi/57653)

In addition to including a rubber stylus, this pen (KICKSTAND) also functions as a phone stand. A reliable giveaway for job fairs and sign-up campaigns;

Crown Products (asi/47700)

This triple-combo pen (MON3N1PN) – featuring a stylus, pen and light – is uniquely suited for students or as a bank giveaway;