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Case Study: BrandVia’s Swag Studio

While the business world is becoming ever more pixelated and impersonal, maintaining a genuine human touch can give savvy promotional products distributors an edge on competitors.

Just ask BrandVia Alliance Inc. (asi/145037).

The Top 40 distributor has created a boutique-style showroom where face-to-face interaction and the ability to see and touch products has helped fuel a bevy of unique promo solutions that thrill everyone from first-time customers to long-time loyal clients.

Welcome to the Swag Studio.

A 1,500-foot exhibit space in San Jose, CA, the Swag Studio, as the showroom is called, spotlights an assiduously curated collection of industry and non-industry products and ideas. Updated in February and September, the attractive space features corporate swag, innovative gifts, and gift experiences, including recently completed deliverables from businesses within the Bay Area and beyond.

Inside the Swag Studio.

Executives at BrandVia articulate a number of advantages that make the investment in the studio well worth it. For starters, the in-person interaction helps foster trust and personalizes relationships with clients, strengthening connections and loyalty. Furthermore, seeing the highly customized products BrandVia delivers firsthand gives clients the opportunity to visualize a myriad of options they might want to use in their own promo campaign. Clients also get the tactile experience of touching and testing products, which helps them find solutions that are perfect for them. If all that weren’t enough, the studio serves as an incubator for novel promotional concepts that help clients engage audiences with their brand in more powerful ways.

BrandVia updates the Swag Studio in February and September.

“Having a physical studio gives clients and prospects an opportunity to see well-executed campaigns that have been delivered for others,” says Jim Childers, President, BrandVia. “It’s a space where enterprising individuals can come together. Clients find that their visit and conversations prompt fresh ideas, which can’t help but bring about even more engaging and innovative projects. We benefit too when our clients and prospects request new gift ideas. It’s a virtuous circle.”

Seeing attractive finished products in the Swag Studio helps clients better understand exactly what they want for their promotion.

Backpack options in the Swag Studio.

Lighting up creative solutions.