Fun Promotional Toys And Games

Toys and games bring out the kid in everyone. They work well in corporate promotions, because who doesn’t like a bit of fun at the workplace? But they can also be spot-on for niche promotions that focus on a particular sport or activity.


Flying Drone


On-trend promotional products like this shirt pocket video drone will be a popular choice in incentive programs. From Hammacher Schlemmer (asi/59444);

Board Game Set

This combo backgammon/checkers/chess set (55-0206) is a fun pack-in gift for excursions and retreats. From Great Lakes Dart Mfg. Inc. (asi/58112);

Spinning Top

Custom spinning tops are ideal for toy stores or nostalgia-themed promotions From A T Designs Insignia Ltd. (asi/30239);


Academic and education-themed promotions benefit from products like brainteaser puzzles (394570). From CleggPromo (asi/45450);

Bat and Ball Set

Summer-long baseball promotions should include a plastic bat and ball set. From Galaxy Balloons (asi/55675);

Soft Football

Fun zones should hope mom won’t get too mad if the kids toss a branded pillow football (PB-125) inside on a rainy day. From Jetline (asi/63344);