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A Wealth of Swag at Berkshire Hathaway Meeting

Last week marked the annual Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting in Omaha, NE, which welcomed almost 40,000 of the company’s shareholders from across the globe.

“Berky Boxers” and “Berky Bra” from Fruit of the Loom (asi/84257),  
available exclusively at the Shareholder Meeting

The chairman and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway, business magnate Warren Buffett, was on hand to hold court – including a several-hours-long Q&A session – at an event he has called “the Woodstock of Capitalists.” It featured shopping, food, entertainment and the Invest in Yourself 5K which wrapped up the weekend’s events.

Also on hand was branded swag, featuring likenesses of both Buffett and Berkshire vice chairman Charlie Munger, available exclusively at the meeting. Among the special edition items were “Berky Bras” and Berky Boxers” from Fruit of the Loom (asi/84257), a Berkshire-owned company, which set up two Berky Boutique locations at the event.

“With Fruit of the Loom being known for our underwear, it was only natural for us to offer ‘Berky Boxers,’” says John Shivel, vice president of corporate events for Fruit of the Loom/Jerzees (asi/40650). “They were such a hit the first year we offered them that we came back the next year with the addition of the ‘Berky Bras.’ It’s really fun for us to see shareholders come to the meeting specifically seeking these out. We think maybe it’s an unstated rule that you’re not an official shareholder until you own a pair of one or the other.”

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