Fashion Faceoff: Judges Assess Erin Keenan's Work

Last month, we invited the three Fashion Faceoff judges to view the athleisure mini-collections created by contestants at Moore College of Art & Design. Though we won’t be revealing the winners of our contest until the August issue of Wearables, we’d like to share some of the judges’ reactions to the contestants’ work.

Erin Keenan’s athleisure looks are bright and sporty, with a print inspired by a work by pop artist Jasper Johns. “I simplified it and made it more geometric,” she explains. Her screen-printed hoodie from Vantage echoes the digital print, tracing the outlines of the geometric pattern, but leaving the gray of the hoodie to show through the gaps.

Judge Conrad Booker says he likes the artistic vision of the collection and that Keenan didn’t merely repeat the digital pattern on the hood lining and pouch pocket of the hoodie. “She was thinking of the negative space,” he says. Savannah DeVore says Keenan’s collection was one of her favorites, adding that the digital print was a distinctive signature for the budding designer. Overall, the judges called the pieces quirky, easy and wearable.