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The $13,000 Vintage T-Shirt

Would you or your clients pay $13,000 for a branded T-shirt?

The folks at Defunkd are betting some well-heeled collector is willing to do just that, as that’s the price the online marketplace for selling vintage T-shirts is charging for a reportedly authentic 1980s Run DMC My Adidas tee.

Run DMC: $13,000

What’s more, that’s not the only pupil-enlarging price tag you’ll find on Defunkd. A vintage Star Wars Return of the Jedi GLOW Darth Luke T-Shirt will set you back $4,999. A Raven and Metallica 1983 Black Tour Vintage T-shirt comes in at an even $1,000, while a Sex Pistols muslin tee tallies the relatively reasonable charge of $750.

As this sampling suggests, the high-priced T-shirts generally (though not exclusively) fall in the category of retro music merch. We’ve written about music merchandise sales taking off, but this is a whole other level of insanity.

Given the fact that these shirts cost more than what I paid for my first car, I think it’s natural to question if they’re the real deal. To allay concern, Defunkd Founder Jimmy J (AKA James Applegath) claims all items have been authenticated. We’re not in any way saying we’ve substantiated that claim, so proceed into any purchase with your adult pants on.

Regardless, if you’re into T-shirts and cool merchandise – and we’re assuming you are given your profession – you can’t help but get a kick out of some these tees and the prices being commanded for them. Check out a few examples below, all of which can be found at http://www.defunkd.com.

And hey, if for nothing else, hold on to those concert tees that are mothballing in your attic. They could prove a sound retirement investment.

Slade: $777

Sex Pistols: $750

Faces: $999

Metallica: $1,000