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Olympic Gold Leads to First Ever Curling Bobblehead

Matt Hamilton was a key member of the U.S. Men’s Curling Team that made history by becoming the first American curling team to win an Olympic gold medal – a feat achieved at the 2018 Pyeongchang Games in February.

Now, Hamilton is at the center of another reported first: He is the inspiration behind what is being billed as the first ever bobblehead of a curler.

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, located in Hamilton’s home state of Wisconsin, is producing the bobblehead with the blessing of the gold medal winner, whose most bodaciously epic “copstache” we can only hope is featured prominently on the product. A mock-up of the bobblehead below suggests it will be. Nice.

Courtesy of National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum.

The museum seems to have selected to immortalize Hamilton in bobblehead form not just because of his stout performance in helping “Team Shuster” win gold and because he is a fellow Cheese Stater, but also because of his overall ironman performance at the Olympics – a performance that saw him additionally competing with his sister, Becca, in Mixed Doubles as part of “Team Hamilton.” At one point during the Olympics, we recall a commentator stating that Hamilton had been competing for about 40 hours – not consecutive, mind you, but still quite a feat.

If you want this first-of-its-kind bobblehead, go here to preorder. The Hamilton bobblehead is set to ship by June.

In other bobblehead “news”, the Cincinnati Reds might have what will prove to be our favorite gameday bobblehead of the upcoming MLB season. It’s an ode to the late, great landscape painter, art teacher and television personality Bob Ross. The bobblehead features Ross in a Reds’ T-shirt, sporting his trademark permed hair, beard and palette that no doubt features titanium white. Folks who purchase a Bob Ross VIP Package also get to enjoy a pre-game painting class. Expect some “happy little trees” to sprout in Cincy during the April 25th matchup with the Atlanta Braves.

Cincinnati Reds Bob Ross Bobblehead

By the way, if you recall, the Reds are battling Ohio tax officials in a court case centered on gameday promotions such as this. The Bobblehead Tax case has not yet come to a head (buh-duh-bump!), but the Ohio Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case, court records show.

Not a big Bob Ross fan and not yet had enough of bobbleheads? Check out Beckett Media’s list of gameday bobblehead promotions for the 2018 MLB season and find your personal favorite. There’s something for everyone.