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New 'Chef Mickey' Merch Debuts at Disney Food & Wine Festival

When it comes to merchandising, no one outdoes Disney.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that Disney Parks has launched a special collection of merchandise in support of its 2018 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival. We think foodies are going to love it.

Not only is the merch useful, it’s downright adorable, featuring as it does a smiling Chef Mickey. With colors and graphics inspired by a classic continental vineyard aesthetic, the line includes everything from glassware and coasters, to potholders, an apron and apparel. In addition, annual pass holders have the option to buy a special 20oz Tervis tumbler wrapped in textured artwork.

Courtesy of Disney Parks

Courtesy of Disney Parks

The merch – and the festival -- is already garnering praise. “While the food looks amazing, the merchandise looks just as good,” writes Lauren Sisselman of Bleeding Cool.

For aficionados of fine food and drink, Disney’s California Adventure sounds like a grand time. Featuring the flavors and plenty of the Golden State, the festival will be serving up an array of delectable dishes, from avocado ice cream bars and strawberry and coconut rice “frushi,” to salt and beer vinegar Parmesan wings and Verlasso sustainable salmon Peruvian Poke, Food & Wine reports. Craft beers, ciders, wines and specialty drinks will be available to cleanse palettes and slake thirst.

Attendees of the festival, which runs from March 2 to April 12, will be able to purchase the Chef Mickey merch at the Studio Store, Art Pergola near Studio Store or Paradise Carts near Seaside Souvenirs.

If anyone wants to send us a free ticket to the fun, we won’t object. Just saying…