Distinctive Magnets

While people are drowning in digital marketing, smart distributors know that these real-life messages make an impression every day.

Ever-Lite Co. (asi/52910)

This custom lenticular 4” magnet allows the end-buyer to add effects like morphing, 3-D, flip, depth and animation;

Berlekamp Plastics (asi/40240)

End-buyers get what they want with a custom-designed and die-cut magnet. Recreate logos, mascots, tools, products and more;

Strike Promo (asi/67451)

This magnetic LED bottle opener (PBB) attaches to any metal surface for convenience. The fun part? When the opener touches a metal bottle cap, it lights up;

Ads On Magnets (asi/31061)

Small metal objects will inevitably hide in hard-to-reach places, but this telescoping pick-up magnet (TPM-PR) makes them easy to retrieve. Think tool companies and manufacturers;

Zipline (asi/99030)

Lessen a client’s carbon footprint with this oval bamboo fridge magnet (ZIP1733); it’s a classic shape with an eco-friendly twist;

Alexander Mfg. Co. (asi/34040)

Pull this magnetic coaster (2532) from the fridge door, pop open a cold one and place both on a counter or coffee table;