Promo Talk: Danny Braunstein, Talbot Marketing

Candid opinions from industry pros.

Danny Braunstein

  • Vice President of Sales and Business Development
  • Talbot Marketing (asi/341500)
  • 22 Years Industry Experience

What I Wish I Knew When I Started …
The importance of asking questions and then listening and reacting to answers. When you first start in this business, everything is exciting and new and you tend to focus on pushing products. I had a favorite pen that was perfect for every client in every situation (or so I thought).

What Frustrates Me the Most …
Distrust. The most successful promotional products campaigns are always a result of a three-way collaboration among the distributor, the supplier and the client.

I’ll Never Do That Again …
I once went to a client’s high-end golf tournament first thing in the morning and did custom rain suit fittings for 80 golfers. We then embroidered all of the jackets with the tournament logo and monogrammed the cuffs with each attendee’s initials. When the goods were completed and bagged, I rushed back to the event to hand out the personalized tee gift to each participant. The “wow” factor was off the charts, but it nearly killed me. Incidentally, the embroiderer I conned into taking the job doesn’t return my calls anymore.

What I Wish I Could Say to a Client …
“Come on Mandy, we aren’t saving lives here. They’re just bucket hats.” I actually did say that. Not advisable, but it felt really good.

Best Advice I Ever Received:
“Sell an order of products and you have a sale. Solve your client’s problem and you have a customer.”

Worst Advice:
“Quality, Delivery and Price: Pick two because you can’t have all three.” Tell that to Amazon.

What Suppliers Can Do Better …
Innovate rather than imitate.

If I Were King of the Industry…
I would abolish setup charges throughout the kingdom. Or at least just bury them into the cost.

Most Overrated Trend …
Stuff you stick to the back of your phone. Who does that?

Stereotype About Salespeople I Hate the Most …
That we are all the same. I cringe when a new prospect or even an existing client says, “I get contacted by people exactly like you 10 times a day.” Grrrr!