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I Earned My BASI: Amanda Dudek

Amanda Dudek founded A Dudek Promotions over three years ago. She has 10+ years of experience in the marketing industry, and joining the ad specialty industry was a natural transition for her. She earned her BASI in January of 2017.

Who in the business world do you admire most or strive to emulate?
The first person who comes to mind is Kelly Robertson, president of Safety Express. I admire her because she has grown a successful company in a male-dominated industry. Not only does Safety Express have a great reputation, but they are also very well respected within their industry for the products and services they provide. I always look for ways to emulate Kelly’s drive and passion in whatever I do, and I seek opportunities to push the envelope just like Kelly did almost 30 years ago.

If they made a movie about your life, what would it be about and what actress would play you?
It would be titled “Fire and Strength,” and it would highlight the ups and downs of my journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the big city. It would look at my work as an ambassador for women in the workforce, and would shed light on a woman’s ability to achieve her goals. Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel or Natalie Portman would be perfect to portray an acutely similar sense of conviction, passion and energy for life.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
“If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail.” My dad adopted this mantra at a young age and always emphasized its importance to my brother and me while we were growing up. As I’ve grown older, I find that this mindset holds significant importance in the business world and in my career.

What’s one thing you’d do to improve the ad specialty industry?
I want to bring the element of personalized customer service back to the industry. I work with my clients to understand their industry and the particular needs of their request, and I strive to ensure they are getting the right product for their target audience.

What’s on your business and personal bucket list?
The top three include: 1) Collaborate on a project with someone who inspires me; 2) Mentor young professional women to help them become successful entrepreneurs; 3) Be honored at a high-profile gala or awards ceremony.

What’s one sentence you’d like to hear from your boss?
I always appreciated when my superiors would thank me for my contributions. It’s amazing how far a small sentence like, “Thanks for all your hard work” can go. Whenever I heard these comments it always made me feel motivated to do my best.

If you could choose an age to remain forever, which age would you choose? Why?
I’d choose to remain in my early thirties. By the time I was 31, I had started A Dudek Promotions. This was made possible thanks to support at home, which allowed me to be creative and pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur. It was at this time in my life when I felt I had the ability to best pull from the lessons I’d already learned and apply them to my career.

What would you do with your “15 minutes” of fame?
I would show the world just what A Dudek Promotions has to offer. I have worked hard to create local brand recognition for my company, but I want to promote it on a national level. It’s time for my company to shine and show the world what we are all about!


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