Web Exclusive

Expert Secrets: Bridge the Gender Communication Gap

Think miscommunication between the genders can cause unnecessary conflict at work? “You bet it does – the main source of conflict between men’s and women’s communication is a set of unmet expectations,” says Amanda Johns Vaden, social media expert and senior partner at Southwestern Consulting. “Men cause conflict because they leave out important details, and women because they focus on too many details.”

Vaden notes that a man on average speaks 12,500 words during the day, and women speak closer to 25,000 words daily. “Think about how many issues in your workplace had to be resolved because of a lack of information or too much,” Vaden says. “Be aware of what you’re saying, and your intent.” 

Learn more about bridging the gender communication gap in her "Expert Secrets" video below. Plus, what men and women actually mean when they say, “I’m sorry” – as you’d expect, the focus group findings reveal two very different set of intentions and expectations.