Case Study: Morning Joe

Popular giveaways work well for this TV news station.

The Pro

Name: Dennis Borst
Title: President/COO
Distributorship: Patriot Marketing Group (asi/291551) in Los Angeles

The Sale

Dollar Value: $10,000
Client: KTLA 5 Morning News
Product: Branded coffee mug

The Promotion

For a client’s recent milestone anniversary, Patriot Marketing Group went with an iconic item that would appeal to a wide target audience. For over 10 years, the distributor has provided branded products for the morning news shows each day from 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. on KTLA 5, the local Los Angeles Tribune TV station.

For more than five years, the distributor has been the station’s official provider of the “Anchor Desk” drinkware, which is placed prominently on the studio desk during broadcasts. Patriot Marketing Group uses the 15-oz. El Grande mug (7122) from Hit Promotional Products (asi/61125). When the station wanted to develop a giveaway program celebrating 70 years of broadcasting, “a special anniversary edition of this item was only logical,” says Borst. “All along, viewers have coveted these mugs, and we’ve provided them with thousands of pieces over the years to be used as giveaways at events and remote broadcasts.”

Beginning on the station’s 70th anniversary on January 22, each day the station’s “Watch and Win” promotion gives viewers in the Los Angeles area the opportunity to text the station with a specific code word during its daily broadcast. KTLA then chooses winning viewers to receive a special-edition anniversary branded mug that matches the official Anchor Desk drinkware. Patriot Marketing Group provided the station with 2,500 of the double-sided mugs from Hit, which are then shipped from the station to the winning viewers, several each weekday.

“It will run all year,” says Borst. “If the anchor mugs’ popularity is any indicator, they’ll continue to drive many viewers to enter the contest.”

The Takeaways

  1. Traditional product categories still have promo power.
  2. Leverage the influence of a company’s iconic item.
  3. Use a low-cost product that can be made into an easy giveaway.

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