Web Exclusive

Advisory From ASI Regarding FBI Cyber Security Warning

As a courtesy to members, ASI is sharing an advisory from the FBI cyber division specifically concerning companies that run File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers on their networks in “anonymous” mode (i.e. they do not require authentication like a username or password).

ASI suggests members have their IT staff or an IT consultant review the FBI advisory to determine if it applies to their company servers and if any action is required. As a general rule, ASI strongly advises its customers to avoid storing any sensitive information on any FTP server, anonymous or authenticated.

While the FBI routinely issues such advisories, this warning described a recent uptick in activity. In this case, cyber criminals are using automated tools to scan the internet for anonymous FTP servers and then attempting to download files they can mine for sensitive information.

ASI does not use anonymous FTP servers and no member data has been compromised. ASI is sharing this information as a courtesy to members only.

To read the FBI advisory, click here.