4 Promotional Tech Products On the Way Out

Promotional products trends come and go. Here’s what’s on the outs in tech world right now – and, let’s face it, probably forever.

Stylus Only (no pen combo)
“People don’t want to carry around a pen and a stylus. The stylus feature has become more of a bonus to a pen and erases the nuisance of carrying around another item.” --Amber Friedeck, Republic Promos (asi/307316)

Digital Photo Frames
“Everyone has their photos on their phone or in the cloud now.” --Jeff Holt, Image Source (asi/230121)

One-Size iPad Padfolio
“There are so many different styles/sizes of iPads and tablets (same for iPhone or phone cases), that it’s not cost effective to provide a media padfolio unless it can accommodate different styles of tablets.” --Amber Friedeck

USB Flash Drives
“They were our number-one selling tech item several years ago and still useful – however, the market’s become saturated.” --Jeff Holt