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Stahls' Defends Intellectual Property

Sterling Heights, MI-based Stahls’ (asi/88984) has successfully defended its intellectual property rights, after settling a federal lawsuit against three companies that had been using Hotronix Fusion patented technology, trademarks and copyrighted content.

The lawsuit against Chinese corporation Shanghai Sishun Machinery Equipment Co. and California firms Vevor Corp. and Sanven Corp.  was filed in January in U.S. District Court in eastern Michigan by Fishman Stewart, Stahls’ intellectual property counsel. Within 24 hours of the filing, the defendants removed the infringing products from their websites and third-party sites, according to the press release. The heat-printing company also worked with eBay, Amazon and Facebook to take down infringing auctions, store offerings and advertising.

The largest manufacturer of heat presses in the world, Stahls’ has dozens of issued patents and pending applications, according to Ted Stahl, executive chairman of the company. “We have made significant investments in research and development to design the most technologically advanced heat press on the market, and we will fight back against threats to our intellectual property,” he adds. CEO Chris Lawson agreed: “We will move quickly whenever and wherever necessary to protect our customers against knockoff imitations looking to capitalize on Stahls’ good name.”

In court documents, Stahls’ had requested a jury trial, asking that the defendants be responsible to pay tripled damages, as well as lawyer fees. The defendants requested settlement of the complaint, and a comprehensive agreement was reached shortly thereafter, according to Stahls’.