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Podcast: Succeeding in Era of Digital Disruption

Aaron Dignan, founder of The Ready and author of the upcoming book The Responsive Organization, speaks to ASI in this exclusive interview on how organizations can succeed in a world where digital forces are disrupting decades of tradition. “The shift from design for efficiency to design for adaptability is important,” says Dignan, who is also the keynote speaker at ASI’s Engage East show in May. “How do we make sure we can be flexible, we can iterate and learn as an organization rather than how far down can we drive the cost to make a box of corn flakes?”

Dignan also shares his experiences helping established business leaders adjust to the complexities of the 21st century. “There is a strong awareness that it’s needed,” Dignan says in this podcast. “But that’s when we’re confronted by our true selves. I can say that I know diet and exercise work, but that’s very different from getting up at 6 a.m. and hitting the gym every day.” Click here below to listen to his podcast. And for more great Strategy Session podcasts, click here.