How Strong Is Your On-the-Job Emotional Intelligence?

Researchers believe that high emotional intelligence (EQ) translates into success in nearly every aspect of life, including a person’s sales career. But despite its growing profile, not everyone really understands what EQ is. By most definitions, it’s the capacity for identifying and managing your own emotions and the emotions of others. People with well-developed EQ exhibit a high degree of emotional awareness, understanding how they and other people feel. They’re also astute at harnessing emotions and applying them to tasks, like problem solving. Well-adjusted, they’re aces at regulating their emotions and positively influencing the feelings of others. Here, we offer a quiz that allows you test your own emotional intelligence. Find out if you’re an EQ genius!

Answer Key: 
Always = 3 points
Sometimes = 1 point
Never = 0 points  

I freely admit to making mistakes. 

I stay calm when work situations become unexpectedly stressful.

I look forward to the future. 

I’m adept at finding solutions for clients when problems arise on an order. 

I understand my strengths and weaknesses. 

I can explain to someone why I get emotional. 

I try to understand why co-workers feel the way they do.

I congratulate co-workers on their achievements. 

I listen to clients without interrupting them and without judging them. 

I tend to pick up on non-verbal cues and can read facial expressions well. 

I seek constructive feedback from colleagues and customers. 

I’m patient with myself. 


What Your Score Means:
28– 36: Your on-the-job EQ is high. You’re well-positioned for success!

16 – 27: You possess emotional intelligence, but you would benefit from developing it further.

16 & Below: Your sales will likely improve if you start taking proactive steps to raise your EQ.