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Case Study: A Distinctive Team-Building Gift

With an outdoor team-building retreat in the works, the hosting company’s internal event planners knew it wouldn't be complete without a little something extra: a fun yet functional branded gift to give to attendees. They envisioned a memorable item that would not only serve employees well at an event centered on outdoor activities, but also allow the brand to stand out.

FIEL-Fairdeal Import & Export (asi/53509) stepped in at the request of their distributor client with a few good ideas. The end-buyer decided on the Tailgate Poncho (FL760), made of soft polyester fleece.

“The objective of the event was to encourage solidarity among employees,” says Munira Kasamali, marketing manager for FIEL. “Given the outdoor setting, it made sense to give attendees a matching branded item that would be used throughout the time they spent there.” The poncho, which measures a generous 60” x 45”, is both lightweight and non-restrictive, making it ideal for outdoor activities. “It also maintains a noticeable presence on the wearer, which is great for the brand,” says Kasamali.

The company ended up distributing 100 ponchos to employees who participated in the team-building event, and the sales volume came to $5,000.

When the company initially requested gift ideas, the team at FIEL considered both utility at the retreat as well as potential for future use in an effort to maximize the number of impressions. “It was an outdoor camping-themed event, and this poncho will keep the wearer warm through all kinds of weather,” Kasamali explains. “It’s a versatile item that fits into many situations, such as tailgating and parades, so the employees who received it are sure to wear it multiple times, which leads to even more opportunities for the brand to be seen.”