Best Places to Work - Pop! Promos

The City of Brotherly Love is home to a fast-growing, unique and tight-knit supplier firm.

For a company that was bursting at the seams because of its growth, Pop! Promos (asi/45657) certainly needed a new office. That came true earlier this year, when the supplier moved into new digs in Philadelphia. “It’s exciting for us, because it will be big enough for us to grow into,” says Sterling Wilson, who founded the company along with Erin Reilly when both were in college in the fall of 2011.

It has been a fast rise for this company, which began as CollegeGlasses when it was solely selling branded sunglasses to universities. In the company’s early days in 2012, it worked out of the row house apartment that Wilson and Reilly shared. But now it has more than 15 employees in its Philadelphia office as well as three in Shanghai and three more in India.

The Pop! Promos crew is a tight-knit one. “We all love the new office, but we definitely worked together well in a tight space,” says Reilly. “We get along well and everybody really chips in to ensure we get the job done.”

The key traits of workplace success for this fast-growing company? Communication and, yes, fun. All of the company’s employees, including Wilson and Reilly, meet once a week to discuss what each person worked on during the past week and what their goals are for the coming week. It’s a chance for the employees to ask any questions they want and also share any information that others in the company could need.

“We all work toward the same goals,” Wilson says. “So it’s good to know what everybody else is doing and see how each person can help the others.”

Watch an interview with Sterling, below, from last year's Counselor Road Tour: