ASI Presidential Promo Poll: Kasich Wins Ohio, Rubio Loses Florida

Ohio Governor John Kasich is expected to fare well in his home state while Florida Senator Marco Rubio will find a tall order in his, according to the latest results from ASI’s Presidential Promo Poll.

As the presidential primary train arrives in Ohio and Florida, ASI conducted its own polling to determine potential winners in these crucial elections. We asked voters this question: If you received a bumper sticker from each of the presidential candidates, which one would you be most willing to put on your car?

Kasich edged frontrunner Donald Trump in Ohio, winning 43% to 36%. In Florida, Trump won the state and defeated Florida senator Marco Rubio 45% to 25%. Bernie Sanders continues to fare well in the ASI poll, finishing ahead of Hillary Clinton in both Ohio and Florida.

ASI’s exclusive Presidential Promo Poll has previously surveyed 11 states, including a majority of the states from Super Tuesday.

Here are the results for Ohio and Florida from our Presidential Promo Poll: