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New Smart Earrings Wed Wireless Tech and High Fashion

A crowdfunding campaign is underway for innovative earrings that aim to be the next big development in the world of high-fashion wearable tech.

New York-based Peripherii Inc. has developed wire-free, hands-free smart earrings that can take and make calls, work with Siri/Google smart assistants, and more. Effectively, they’re Bluetooth earphones, but what’s make them different is that they look like fashionable jewelry, instead of techy gadgets that give you the appearance of a cyborg or CIA agent. We could see a smart, sophisticated, tough Bond Girl rocking these earrings:

The earrings were definitely getting some love on Twitter:

With two months still to go on its just-launched INDIEGOGO crowdfunding campaign, Peripherii had 26 backers who had contributed $3,190 as of early Monday morning.

From a promotional products perspective, the smart earrings are another great example of how creative designers are breaking down the walls between technology and fashion to formulate new products that meld the best of both. Such products are bound to influence consumer tastes, which in turn will influence the preferences of buyers in the promo space. Ad specialty suppliers who specialize in tech products should take particular note. Teched-up, stylish wearables like Peripherii’s earrings could soon be on distributors’ wishlists.