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Levi’s Jacket, Emoji Pins Among WWDC Promotional Products

The 2018 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is happening this week in California. It’s an annual forum for Apple to showcase its new software and technologies to software developers. Naturally, there is some pretty cool branded merchandise on offer. Keeping with the tradition of past years, Apple is again giving registered developers and scholarship winners a free jacket when they pick up their badges. This 2018 jacket is a hip denim number from Levi’s that features a removable WWDC 2018 pin on the left breast pocket.

In addition to the fashionable jacket, attendees also received a set of pins. As you can see below, the pins are influenced by Emoji and Animoji.

#wwdc 2018 Swag: Return of the Pins!

A post shared by Rene Ritchie (@reneritchie) on Jun 3, 2018 at 9:21am PDT

Certainly, some folks were stoked to receive the swag:

Of course, you can’t please everyone:

Beyond the official conference swag, brands attending the event had merch on offer, too:

It all goes to show: Even at a conference focused on pioneering digital technology, tangible promotional products remain valuable, sought-after vehicles for brand enhancement, community building, and saying thanks. Swag on ~