What Will Websites Be Like In 10 Years?

The promotional products industry makes some big predictions on big data and more.

Matt Zentz, Marketpath: “Big data will become more accessible to the average Joe through standardized queries (like customer lifetime value) and construction kits that allow non-tech users to build sophisticated personalization frameworks. Right now, this is very expensive and requires smart, analytical minds. But over time, a user might be able to point their data sources at a big data repository and assemble complex queries with a few clicks of the mouse.”

Kathy Cheng, Redwood Classics Apparel: “I believe websites will be much more personalized and dynamic. A customer’s previous searches and buying habits will be aggregated and presented to them throughout targeted online ads that you see on social media platforms. Automation will change the way we reach customers and we’ll be able to contact them just as they realize they need to place an order. So much of the future of the internet has to do with personalization. Our industry is no exception.”

Henrik Johansson, Boundless: “Websites will have more and more automated interfaces or voice-driven interfaces. I think it’s going to be easier to visualize how things will look with your logo on it or your body in it. You can see what those shirts or pants look like on you, on your body shape. Mobile is going to be key. It’s an area that needs improvement because today mobile interfaces are largely just reformatted desktop experiences. Nobody’s designed the ultimate experience yet.”

Danny Rosin, Brand Fuel: “There will be better integration of sites that talk to each other. End-users will be able to order products online in a much more customizable manner, from matching corporate colors to personalization to packaging. All of this will be done through new tech like 3-D printing . Even smaller companies will be able to have highly distinct online stores. ROI calculators will show the effectiveness of promo campaigns. There will be even more animated GIFs of cats.”

Alex Morin, Debco Solutions: “A lot of the internet will be available through ocular lenses. Somehow, someway, it’ll be embedded in us, and that will be the landscape where our websites are hosted. The shape of them will probably change with our needs as well. There may even be a day where we start to do away with some of the graphics and really just present the facts we’re looking for. We’ll have the ability to navigate in ways we can’t even imagine today.”