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ASI Promocar Turns Show Car

The ASI Promocar continued its three-year PR campaign recently with an appearance in Newtown, Pennsylvania at the Second Annual Car Show for Autism. The car show’s organizer, Potential Inc., held the show to help raise money towards building an autism-friendly, therapeutic playground on its school grounds. So far, the school has raised over $42,000 toward the $60,000 playground.

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In addition to the Promocar, the show featured dozens of classic cars, hot rods and trucks, including a 1922 Dodge Open Touring Car. But the display vehicles were strictly hands off, owing to their age and/or value. ASI, however, allowed kids (and adults) to climb in the Promocar, sign their name on the inside and touch the 700+ items glued (firmly!) to the car’s exterior. Kids were also allowed to clamor on fire trucks, a tow truck and an authentic World War II jeep.

In addition, ASI gave away ASI-branded light-up bouncy balls and slinkys and donated a school bag filled with promo items to the show raffle. The annual event attracted a number of vendors, like RideKleen, a mobile car washing company, which gave away logoed car fresheners and wipes, and 94.5 PST Radio, which broadcast live throughout the 10 a.m.-3 p.m. show. In addition, all car show volunteers – including Pennsbury High School Honor Society students – wore logoed T-shirts.

The ASI Promocar (hashtag #ASIpromocar) is a Mazda Protégé that ASI employees covered inside and out with hundreds of promotional products donated by ASI suppliers, including zombie stress balls, cell phone holders, keychains, pens, car magnets, pinwheels, celebrity face cut-outs, USBs, badges, lanyards, can coolers, light up ice cubes and flip flops.

To date, the Promocar has logged over 6,000 miles, including a 2015 cross-country trip from California to N.J., and been on display at three ASI trade shows. The Promocar’s “Driving Serious Fun” campaign was designed to drive attention to $22.95 billion promotional products industry and to spread the word about the industry’s creativity and ingenuity through positive publicity and social media. The point of driving ASI’s four-wheeled moving billboard is to motivate people to consider advertising with promo products the next time they need to get the word out.

Recently, the Promocar underwent a serious overhaul to replace worn out products. ASI would like to thank the ASI suppliers below who donated new products:

  • Ariel Premium Supply Inc., asi/36730
  • Flash Direct USA, asi/54582
  • AB Emblem, asi/30102
  • Truebite Inc., asi/92275
  • Pro-Sports Foam Products, asi/79970
  • Inspirational Cut Outs, asi/64003

Any ASI member company who’d like the Promocar to visit their company and go for a spin should contact ASI PR Manager Dawn Marie at dshurmaitis@asicentral.com or 215-953-3119.