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6 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends You Should Be Selling Now

From shearling to velvet, to scarves and hot color bullsblood, here are the trends your clients will want to hear about.

We took a look at some of the hot trends coming out of Austrailia's and the U.K.'s Fashion Week, with top designers highlighting some trends you'll want to pitch to clients. Here are just a few:

It's the year of the neck. 
Fashion trend-watchers say that the neck s where it's at and designers will be pushing accessories -- from scarves to chokers, to buttoned-up collars and turtlenecks -- to highlight a body part every wearer can feel good about dressing up. 

Bullsblood. Liver. Maroon. Imagine the deep red the leaves turn in October, and that's the hot color for the season. Called bullsblood (and liver and maroon), you'll see this bold, rich color in everything from shirts to dresses to pants to accesories.

Faux fur and shearling. It's back again -- wearers can't get enough of the warm faux materails that dress up all kinds of outerwear. The trend's so hot, it continues into the spring in the form of light fluffy feathers.

Bullsblood by Acler. Photo: Lucas Dawson

Learn about all six fall/winter fashion trends in the slideshow below.