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Sensoria Upgrades Smart Garment System

A new collection of smart running apparel from wearable tech firm Sensoria aims to help the wearer stay fit in style – by providing an array of color and style choices for its heart-monitoring tops. The company has also released version 2.0 of its companion fitness-monitoring app, adding features to help monitor heart health. “We saw a desire for fitness enthusiasts to not only have access to the latest tech, but also be fashion forward,” says CEO and co-founder Davide Vigano about the upgrades.

The latest version of Sensoria’s app includes a cardiologist-designed, patent-pending algorithm known as the Heart Sentinel, which monitors the user’s probability of cardiac irregularities during exercise, offering a real-time alert countdown to confirm consciousness. If the wearer is unresponsive, the app will alert selected family or friends via text, urging them to seek help. The feature will track the wearer’s location via GPS, so it’s easier for help to find them.

The hidden gem in the Sensoria update, says Vigano, is Mara, “our enhanced, more powerful artificial intelligence, real-time personal trainer.” The trainer provides audio and video feedback based on personal workout and fitness goals, and data gathered from sensors embedded in Sensoria’s smart garments. The new version of the app includes a new set of training plans, according to Vigano.

As for the clothing itself, Sensoria’s compression T-shirt is now available in multiple colors and with short sleeves, adding to the black sleeveless version that previously was the only option. Its updated smart sports bra will offer more support and also be available in several colors. Working in concert with Sensoria’s smart socks, the garment system tracks metrics like foot-landing technique and cadence and heart rate.

Sensoria’s new smart garments will be made with Emana yarn, which uses far infrared technology to help keep the wearer dry, comfortable and protected from harmful UV rays, according to the company. The compressive yarn helps prevent slipping and chafing, and is also said to improve skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of cellulite and helping to prevent muscle fatigue.

Sensoria is one of many wearable tech companies looking to looking to advance the field of smart apparel. “It’s not rocket science to turn apparel of any kind into a data-gathering computer,” Vigano has said in the past.