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Taco Bell-Branded Wedding Merchandise Is Real & It’s Spectacular

The Tex-Mex fast-food chain launched the line as couples have taken to tying the knot at its flagship Las Vegas location.

In a Nutshell

*Merch includes a T-Shirt, tank top, and “sauce packet garter belt.”

*The collection was announced July 2nd and is available online.

Engaged couples whose taste buds tingle for Taco Bell take heart: You can now incorporate wedding-themed branded merchandise from the Tex-Mex chain into your big day.

Indeed, Taco Bell announced Monday that wedding accessories bearing its branding are now for sale in its online Taco Shop. Items include a T-shirt, tank top, garter belt and bowtie that both feature sauce packet graphics, and champagne glasses that have the Taco Bell logo engraved on them.

Sauce Packet Bowtie. Courtesy of Taco Bell.

Sauce Packet Garter Belt. Courtesy of Taco Bell.

Twitter users expressed excitement over the new taco-themed matrimonial swag.

The Taco Bell wedding collection isn’t totally out of left field. A year ago, Taco Bell announced that it would allow couples to tie-the-knot at its flagship Las Vegas Cantina Restaurant. Since then, more than 60 couples have gotten hitched in the chapel there. “From the couple who flew all the way from China to our very first wedding with Dan and Bianca, the Taco Bell chapel has been the site for 60 of the trendiest, sauciest and hottest ceremonies, with 25 additional ceremonies planned for this wedding season,” the company said in a statement. “Don’t believe us? You can flip through our wedding photo album with some of our favorites here.”

Encouraged by what it says was the better-than-expected response, Taco Bell decided to make wedding-themed promotional products available to anyone who wants them – whether they get married at the Vegas cantina or not.

Taco Bell also expanded the chapel/party room at the Vegas location.

Anyhow, here’s a look at more of the wedding merch:

Taco Bell Wedding Tees. Photo Courtesy of Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Wedding Champagne Glasses. Photo Courtesy of Taco Bell.