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Case Study: Shark Week-Branded Socks Are Here

Sock Fancy has created the first ever official sock collection for Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week.”

In a Nutshell

*The collection features six shark-inspired styles that can be purchased individually -- or as a set for $75.

*The socks help promote Shark Week, Discovery’s week-long television event focused on shark-related programming.

Statement socks are a hot trending product. In the branded merchandise world, colorful socks with personality are a hit everywhere from sorority houses to corporate boardrooms. Indeed, in men’s business attire they’ve become an ever more popular way of expressing a little individuality.

Highlighting the trend is the recently-launched Shark Week sock collection from Sock Fancy, an Atlanta-based company that offers a subscription service in which customers monthly receive fun, unique socks.

With designs inspired by sharks, the six sock styles are the first-ever official sock collection for “Shark Week,” Discovery Channel’s annual summertime week-long extravaganza of shark-focused programming.

The intimidating Great White Shark inspired this design.

“Our customer base has always been super-interested in Shark Week,” said Kari Sapp, Sock Fancy’s director of customer experience and content. “Over the years, we've done a lot of ‘unofficial’ Shark Week promotion with different sock designs and trivia contests, which our audience responded really well to. Discovery was looking for a sock partner, as they'd never done them before. We both decided this would be a really cool partnership and the rest just kind of fell into place.”

The Deep Ocean Blue sock depicts a scene no swimmer or diver ever wants to see: A swarm of sharks. The bottoms of the socks are imprinted with “Shark Week.”

Sock Fancy’s in-house art team created the sock designs. The idea, says Sapp, was to craft a collection that was wearable casually and in the office. “We also included a new-comer this year with our ‘Phintastic’ sock, which is inspired by the new mascot of Shark Week, Phin.”

Shark Week mascot “Phin” was the inspiration for the Phintastic Blue sock.

Both Sock Fancy and Discovery Channel are promoting the socks through various platforms, including social media and events. Earlier this summer, for example, the socks were spotlighted at a Princess Cruises event. There will also be a sock giveaway contest with other Shark Week brand partners.

We could see the Finstripe Red adding a welcomed splash of color to a business suit.

The Sock Fancy Shark Week collection is available through the company’s site as well as through the Discovery Store online. Each style can be purchased individually ($15). Consumers can also buy a bundled six-pack featuring all of the designs at a discounted price ($75). 

We think we’ll be buying a pair. Cue the Jaws music, and watch for fins among the waves.

The Shark Tooth Yellow sock from Sock Fancy.

Fins in the water and a flotation device with a chunk bitten out of it…uh-oh….