Bright and Colorful Highlighters

Professionals from teachers to insurance sales reps to lawyers use highlighters on a daily basis. Those markets – and the industries that service them – are all potential clients.

Clear Tip Highlighter

This highlighter (SCVHL) features an innovative crystal clear tip that eliminates blind spots. Available from Sanford Business-to-Business (asi/84833);

Retractable Highlighter

This retractable highlighter (ARTH) comes in handy when the user is reaching for a marker over and over. Available from Sanford Business-to-Business (asi/84833);

Erasable Highlighter

The thermo-sensitive ink in this highlighter (IFXL) can be erased with friction from its cap. Uniquely suited for student-focused promos. Available from Pilot Pen Corporation of America (asi/78110);

Chisel Highlighter

The chisel tip of this classically designed highlighter (HYENA) allows for thin or wide marking. Available from Gold Bond (asi/57653);

Pen-Highlighter Combo

This recycled plastic ballpoint pen and highlighter combo (P2079) helps clients lessen their carbon footprint. Available from Mi Pen Company (asi/71033);

Jumbo Highlighter

Get your client’s marketing message across with the jumbo highlighter (YL20610). Think about it as a fun direct-mail gift. Available from Yafa (asi/98760);