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The Irony Of The “Warning: I Do Dumb Things” T-Shirt

If you’re prone to doing really dumb things, like stealing cars or using meth, you probably shouldn’t announce it to the world by wearing a T-shirt that reads, “Warning: I Do Dumb Things.” That would be, well, dumb.

Except that’s exactly what’s happening around the country.

Just last weekend an Ohio man was arrested on outstanding warrants, and when officers arrived they found meth hidden in his pants. The shirt he was wearing? You guessed it.

But that’s not all. In Oregon, a car thief led police on a high-speed chase wearing the same shirt. He, too, was arrested, and seemed pretty amused by the irony of it all. In Florida, this guy put on the same shirt and went out burglarizing cars. Same result, with an almost comical mug shot. And finally, a Texas man with an extensive history of DWIs decided to don this tee and go joy riding after a few drinks. Not smart for a repeat offender, and his mug shot seemed to convey displeasure over his fate and stupidity.

I’m all about self-promotion, but if you’re going to wear a T-shirt that hails your not-so-clever side, it’s best to wear it on your nice days. Or else, you just might end up like one of these naughty knuckleheads.