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I Earned My BASI: Rachel Leone

Rachel Leone, president of Leone Marketing Solutions (asi/251966), talks about how ASI's Certification courses gave her in-depth knowledge about the promotional marketing business, credibility with clients, and confidence in taking her business to the next level – particularly through social media.

What I Learned…

One of the classes that had the most impact for me was “Best Ways to Succeed with Social Media” in the Elective Marketing Courses track. It really helped me think about how I wanted my business positioned in the social media world. I was late to the game on this front because I didn’t think I needed it. Boy, was I wrong!

How I Took Action…

I spent some time setting up a business Facebook page and Twitter account to promote my business. What I learned through the course was that it’s not all about selling your products; you also need to add value for your followers. So, I did just that! I included articles relevant to marketing, advertising and branding. I also featured promotional products while making sure I provided valuable content.

My Business ROI…

Within a day of setting up my business Facebook page and asking my friends to like it, I landed my first customer through social media. An old friend of mine from high school didn’t realize what I did professionally and contacted to me to find out more. She is now one of my top clients.

Click here to listen to a podcast interview with Rachel.


The free ASI Certification Program offers two certification levels for our members: BASI (Bachelor of Advertising Specialty Information) and MASI (Master of Advertising Specialty Information). To learn more and start working toward your own certification, visit www.asicentral.com/education.