CES Runway Show Displays Futuristic Fashion

Futuristic fashion was on display at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. Project Runway alum Nick Verreos hosted a mini-runway show on the show floor, featuring styles that did everything from correct posture to charge phones using solar energy. The FashionWare show also included a touch of augmented reality, with several of the models showing off the YouCam Makeup app, which scans your facial features then superimposes different makeup looks onto your digital image.

Standout styles included a two-piece purple gown from designer Maria Orduz Pinto that includes laser-cut pieces, LED lighting and 3-D printed elements. A knee-length wine-red coat in rich cashmere from Moon Berlin hid a battery-powered heat pack to keep the wearer extra cozy in icy climes.  A wide-brimmed hat included a projector, allowing the wearer to project images (if somewhat faint) onto the front of her white dress.


Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen showed off several pieces on the runway, including a high-tech windbreaker with an asymmetrical zipper and three slim solar panels disguised as detail lines, letting wearers charge their phone from their jacket. She also showed off FysioPal, a garment that integrates printed electronics to measure body signals around the neck, shoulders and lower back. When the wearer slouches, the shirt vibrates to help her correct posture.

Designer Jazsalyn McNeil showed off her pulse dress, a slinky and sheer white number that flashes shimmery lights in tune with the model’s heartbeat. A short black dress and hoodie from designer Sylvia Heisel was made of carbon fiber, 3-D printed flat, then welded together.

The models also incorporated smart accessories, like biometric tracking earbuds, traffic signaling backpacks for cyclists and more.