Embroidery Solution: Fast Frames

Fast Frames take the pain out of difficult-to-embroider orders like beanie-style hats, sleeve cuffs, left-chest logos on zip-front garments, hat bands and pockets.

Fast Frames is a hooping system ideal for difficult-to-hoop items. Here are five steps to using the tool.

1. Prepare the garment by selecting the design and the appropriate hoop size.


2. Mark the placement on the garment, and apply the sticky paper backing to the underside of the hoop, making sure the adhesive side is on the top.

3. Lay the item to be sewn on the tacky layer and smooth it out.


4. Line up the item on the machine, trace the decoration, and sew.

5. Tear the completed item away from the frame after sewing. Pull the backing away from around the embroidery. For the next item to be sewn, use a scrap or smaller piece of backing to cover the hole. This trick saves the amount of sticky paper used – and saves resources and money, too. The paper remaining on the hoop can typically be used for a number of impressions before it needs to be replaced.


Tip: When used in conjunction with sticky paper, simply tear away the backing with an adhesive coating on one side; this makes hooping much easier.

Source: Vicky Dexheimer Embroidery Manager, Solid Products LLC, Ottsville, PA