Web Exclusive

How People Dress for Work on Fridays

If you said twenty years ago that more people would be dressing for work in pajamas than a suit on Fridays, you’d probably be told to go home and sleep it off.

But in 2016 that’s exactly where we are.

According to a recent ASICentral.com poll, more people voted that they do, indeed, work in their PJs (3%) on Friday compared to those that dress formally (1%). Of course, three percent is at the lower end of the results spectrum but it does represent a growing trend in the business landscape: an increase in the amount of telecommuting. (Unless companies are offering "Work In Your PJs Fridays" how else can you explain pajamas as viable work attire?)

Most of the voters for this poll chose “Business Casual” (53%) as their Friday fashion statement, followed closely by “T-Shirt and Jeans” (44%). See below for the results in chart form.