7 Inspirational Quotes From Marcus Lemonis

Need some end-of-week motivation? Here are some energizing words from CNBC star Marcus Lemonis.

Excerpts from the Marcus Lemonis keynote at ASI Orlando:

"The key to business isn't being smarter or wealthier, it's being able to connect to people and relate to them."

"My number one asset is vulnerability. If you can be more vulnerable and more human, I'm telling you that you will do more business."

"Get comfortable being your true self. Do it at the risk of being criticized."

"It's OK if people know the truth about you. Employees will work harder for you and customers will understand you."

"It's the responsibility of every person, of every business owner, to help people find their way even if it doesn't benefit you."

"People are the most important thing."

"If you have a good relationship with clients, people for the most part will stop shopping on pennies."