Promotional Product Search Data By the Numbers

Exclusive research reveals trends for how promotional products are searched in ESP.

Earlier this year, Counselor launched a series that incorporated 2015 ESP search data for the most popular product categories. Click on each product category for stats and facts about it.

Fact! Half of U.S. consumers who own logoed drinkware use it 2-3 times a week or more.

Health & Safety
Did you know? Women are much more likely to own a branded health and safety product.

The top search term in ESP for apparel in 2015 was "socks".

Between 1993 and 2014, consumption of wine in the U.S. has doubled.

Writing Instruments
The months with the most ESP searches for writing instruments? February, March and April.

Desk Accessories
Fact! Younger consumers are the most likely to own logoed desk accessories.

Men in rural America are tops for logoed headwear.

Did you know? One-half of all U.S. consumers own a promotional bag.

Younger consumers between 18-24 are most likely to own branded USB drives.