Alaska Screen Printer Takes Eco-Friendly Steps

For Odin Peter-Raboff, protecting the environment is a top priority. “We only have one planet that we can live on,” says the owner of Fairbanks, AK-based screen-print shop Nomadic Stars. “Everyone should be working toward sustainability.” That’s why his shop deals exclusively in water-based inks, forgoing plastisol and discharge. Other green steps the shop has taken include using an air source heat pump for heating and cooling, converting light fixtures to LEDs and installing solar panels on the roof.

For the last two summers, Nomadic Stars also planted a community vegetable garden – complete with greenhouse – in the backyard. Peter-Raboff invites neighbors who don’t have land of their own to make use of the garden. “We’re community-driven,” he says. “People appreciate and enjoy the garden.”

In addition to creating custom apparel for businesses, schools and other customers across Alaska, Nomadic Stars markets its own line of nature-themed graphic T-shirts, which have been sold across the country. One of the more popular designs features a craggy mountain, with the words, “Denali – The Tall One.” When the Alaskan peak, the tallest mountain in North America, was officially renamed from Mt. McKinley to Denali, “That was a big moment for us to celebrate,” Peter-Raboff explains.