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Vladimir Putin 2016 Calendar Is A Mega Hit

If you’re one of the millions who poured into movie theaters this past week to see Star Wars, The Force Awakens, you may have missed it. A Russian tabloid just released the 2016 Vladimir Putin calendar … and it’s everything you’d imagine it would be.

While there are no photos of Putin riding grizzly bears, there are plenty of images that show his Russian he-man persona as well as his softer side. March features Vlad sniffing what appears to be a weed with the quote, “I like all Russian women. I personally think Russian women are the most talented and the most beautiful.” In April he’s pumping iron in a gym accompanied by “A love for sports is established in childhood in a family. A love for sport is inconsistent with tobacco, with alcohol and with drugs.” Wise words indeed. And in July, we see him fishing, shirtless of course. The quote says, “My enthusiasm for active sport, like for many others, came during youth. And it hasn’t changed over the years.”

The calendar has been extremely popular, as one might imagine, considering Putin’s favorability rating of 80% in the motherland. In fact the original print run of 200,000 is nearly sold out. And while University of Moscow co-eds might be swooning over him, the question that remains to be answered is: is it available in the promo products industry? Nyet!