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Two Smart Alternatives to Bank Loans

If you have no other choice but to take out a loan in order to tend to your cash flow problems, Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First and founder of Profit First Professionals, suggests a pair of alternatives that are preferable to getting a loan from a bank.

5 Steps For Climbing Out Of The Money Pit

Fundbox is an organization that will finance your invoice until you get paid. “So, if you invoice a client and you need the money today, Fundbox will release the full funds to you, and then when the money comes in from the client, you pay back the money to Fundbox, with a little service fee,” Michalowicz says.

The benefit is you get the cash flow right away, but you also handle the collections. “You maintain the client relationship so the client won’t have anyone else but you to work with, and it’s a one-time deal so you don’t become dependent on it,” Michalowicz says.

Fundera helps business owners search for the best terms on small-business loans. “They’re for bigger, more traditional loans,” Michalowicz says. “There are circumstances where you’re certain you’re going to make money on something. That’s when you should get a loan. Fundera does the shopping of the loans for you, and you can usually get better pricing than going to banks.”