In Five Years, Social Media Will Be ...

Here's how some of the Stitches' Power 75 finished this sentence: In five years, social media will be ...

"… as common and integral as electricity or running water." 
Erich Campbell, Black Duck Embroidery and Screen Printing

"… integrated into the machines we sell." 
Paul Ashworth, BERNINA of America

"… not as important to B2B businesses as everyone thought."
Jay Malanga, ShopWorks

"… ridiculous."
Jeff Clark, Berne Apparel

"... the norm."
Brenden Prazner, DecoNetwork

"… somewhat useful for smaller and smaller segments of the market."
Daniel Fucci, Sierra Technology Group

"… making my head spin."
Randi Blumenthal-Joseph, Penn Emblem Co. (asi/77120)

"… the number-one marketing tool for years to come because we see steady growth every year."
Shirley Clark, Madeira USA

"… mainstream and one more tried-and-true marketing outlet, but companies who still embrace good, old-fashioned selling and knocking on doors will still win out in the end." 
Scott Fresener, T-Biz Network International LLC

"… the go-to medium for approval before purchasing any type of product or service."
Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach

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