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Slideshow: Renaissance Faire Merch

Winter may be coming, but it was a lovely summer’s day in the shire when Counselor visited the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Manheim, PA, to get our hey-nonny-nonny on and check out the branded merchandise on offer.

Truly, we weren’t disappointed – in the faire or the excellent merch.

The beautiful fairgrounds deftly pull off the feel of a fantastical shire village (minus a few modern touches, such as a cash machine we dubbed “Ye Olde ATM”). Costumed actors, always in character, stroll the village and interact with visitors. Merchants selling everything from handmade jewelry and dragon statues, to pocket watches, period dress and medieval-style replica weapons abound. Performances of everything from Celtic music to circus acrobats to comedy players come in abundance, too. And, perhaps best of all, there are jousts on horseback and entertaining live sword battles that play out as part of a theatrical narrative involving the English court of King Henry.

Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games for Counselor while on the scene. OK, OK: Actually, it was. But we did spot lots of awesome merchandise that could help inspire ideas promo distributors can use when pitching similar faires. Indeed, with millions of people attending such faires annually in the U.S., there’s a good chance you’ll find one in your neck of the woods.

Without further ado, check out our slideshow on Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire merch, with some fun color shots from the day thrown in for good measure.

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