Best Distributor Self-Promotion 2017: NorthPoint

At the end of the day, the purpose of every promotion is to generate return-on-investment.

Boy, has NorthPoint (asi/285317) ever achieved that with its “NorthPoint Backpack Campaign.”

Consider: The Waltham, MA-based distributorship can trace approximately $300,000 worth of sales in 2016 directly to the initiative. A short while into the campaign this year, NorthPoint had already generated $30,000 from it. “The success isn’t just in the numbers,” says Lauren Panaswich, a NorthPoint marketing specialist. “We’ve found it has helped maintain strong relationships with our clients and improved our client retention rate as well.”

The promotion starts with an OGIO Excelsior backpack, embroidered with the NorthPoint logo and tagline. Into this, NorthPoint puts a bevy of NorthPoint-logoed products the company believes recipients will appreciate – and will want to buy for their firms. The distributor changes up the product mix to include new offerings and address seasonal demand. Recently, products in the pack included an insulated bottle, magnetic auto phone mount, coaster with bottle opener, beach ball, slap wrap can cooler and much more.

“The purpose is to expose new, current and prospective clients to our favorite items of the season,” says Panaswich. “We want them to feel like they’re opening presents on Christmas morning.”

To enhance that feeling of receiving a special gift, NorthPoint has its courier hand-deliver the backpacks to clients and prospects within a certain distance. “Our courier is one of the friendliest people and brings a smile to everybody’s face,” says Panaswich. For intended recipients that are farther away, NorthPoint ships directly to the individual or presents the packs after an in-person meeting. “It’s great to see their positive reactions when they open the backpack,” Panaswich says.

Clearly, the promotion is driving sales. But that’s not all: It’s also building excitement and gaining NorthPoint broad exposure. “We now see NorthPoint branded products everywhere,” says Panaswich. “We’ve seen the backpacks in airports, beach balls tossed around at concerts, T-shirts at the gym, and even our new umbrellas in downtown Boston.”

Simple but clever, useful to clients and great at generating sales, comparatively cost-effective and imbued with a personal touch – the NorthPoint Backpack Campaign checks all the boxes of an ideal self-promotion.

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