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Latch on to Personalization Trend With Custom Pins

Personalization is huge right now as originality is so highly valued among consumers. A simple way for people to express their individuality and make their personal style more unique is to incorporate custom pins and brooches into their outfits. This general trend fits well into the promotional product industry because custom pins are cheap, but they have a high perceived value so they’re great to use in giveaways and other promotions. 

Custom pins, like this Rhinestone Donkey brooch (CR743) and Proud Republican lapel pin (C272), both from PinMart (asi/47150), allow the wearer to show off their allegiance in style.


“People attach value to something that they have a personal attachment to,” says Nickolai Mathison, general manager and vice president of sales at Sonoma Promotional Solutions (asi/88188). “That helps the distributor, it helps the client and it helps the end user because the end user gets something that they want to wear. The client gets additional ROI because the end user wants to wear it.”

Mathison says Sonoma’s most popular products are lapel pins and brooches, and that custom jewelry is its fastest growing product.

“Bling is popular,” he notes. “By adding a few inexpensive crystals to a lapel pin, it now looks like you’re wearing jewelry, and it ups the ‘bling factor.’ ”

Custom pins are so popular because they are a gender-neutral accessory, collectible, and give a more intimate feel to a promotional campaign, says Diane Katzman, owner of Diane Katzman Design (asi/63988).

“When someone chooses to wear [a pin] close to their heart, there’s no better banner for your brand,” she adds. “They’re a terrific way to recognize a company’s best customers, identify great employees, reinforce messaging and salute top donors.”

With this year’s election season in full swing, political pins and brooches will likely see a boost in sales, says Mike Dominelli, vice president of PinMart Inc. (asi/47150).

“Pins and brooches offer a low cost means of identification and allegiance, while at the same time being an elegant and subtle way to deliver your message,” Dominelli adds. “In general, corporations will stay away from endorsing or identifying with a particular party or candidate; however, they will create custom pins branded with their corporate identity and general ‘Vote’ message.”

Whether or not politics is your thing, custom pins and brooches with a “bling factor” are a really great way to set a company apart and give end-users a great product with a personalized experience.